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Alpha 91b Parts and Info
Listed are replacement parts, manuals, old ads, pictures, and just about anything we could find that would be interesting to an owner of a legacy amp.
!!!!91b_blower_assy 001.jpg Fan, Alpha 91b Blower Assembly
Alpha 91b Blower Assembly, 115vac motor, Part Number 91B-AHX-X002.
Price: $150.00
KVX-X105_100x100.jpg Relay, Vacuum, High Power Output T/R
High Power Vacuum Relay, 26vdc Coil, SPDT Contacts (3.6 kv, 18 amps, 6 msec). 
Part Number KVX-X105.
Used in Alpha 77, 78, 91B, 99, 8100, 8410.
Price: $135.00
BLX-X116_100x100.jpg Fan Kit, 115V External Muffin, 50/60Hz, 71 CFM
External Muffin Fan, 115V 50/60Hz, 71 CFM, Part Number BLX-X116. Prewired with lug connectors and mounting hardware (for Alpha 8410 serial number 0391 and higher, see detailed description for other amp models)
Price: $95.00
CLX-2262_100x100.jpg Capacitor, Tantalum, 22uF 35V
22uF 35vd Tantalum Capacitor, Part Number CLX-2262.
To fix most 91B or 89 warmup time delay failures, replace
original capacitor with this higher voltage rated part.
C17 on 91B Control board, C42 on 89 Control board
Price: $5.00
ZMX-X151_100x100.jpg Manual, Alpha 91B

91B  Owners Manual, with Schematics

Price: $15.00
AJX-X262_100x100.jpg Cable, Yaesu, for keying amp from FT1000 series and FT9000.
Yaesu amp keying cable (Alpha 9500, 8410, 8406, 8100, 87A, 89, 99, 91B),
for radios Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV, FT-2000, FTdx-5000, FTdx-9000, FT-1000D, FT-920.
Part Number AJX-X262.  NOTE: Does not fit FT-857 or FTdx-3000.
Price: $69.00
KDX-X124_100x100.jpg Relay, High Speed Input T/R
High Speed Input T/R Relay, DPDT 12VDC coil
For Alpha 87A, 89, 91B, 99, 8100
Part Number KDX-X124
Price: $10.00
SWX-X111_100x100.jpg Switch, Bandswitch, Ceramic Wafer, 8410, 9500, 87A, 89, 99, 8100

Bandswitch wafer for current production Alpha amplifiers.
Part Number SWX-X111. This wafer is NOT for 76A-series or 78 amplifiers, the fingers are cut in a different pattern.

Price: $95.00
SKX-X103_100x100.jpg Knob, Bandswitch
Bandswitch Knob for Alpha 76, 76A,
78, 374A, 91B, 99, 8100, 8410,
Part Number SKX-X103
Price: $15.00
AHX-X524_100x100.jpg Capacitor, Ceramic, 160m padding assembly, 5 x 75pF 18kV
160m Padding Capacitor Assembly, 5 x 75pf 18kV
Part Number AHX-X524
Price: $55.00
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