Amazon or eBay to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Amazon or eBay: to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Have you heard about the famous online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay? Yes, these two websites are known for their services to provide place for the sellers to promote their products online. If you want to promote your products, like to sell radio and amplifier, which website will you choose? Lets see!

– The Similarity
In general, both websites are the online platforms for the sellers to promote their products and for the customers to buy the products comfortably from their homes. eBay and Amazon are considered as major and longstanding players on the marketplace. Both websites provide the services to display the products for sale or for auction.
However, although they are the same players on the marketplace, they share some differences. They are varied in terms of the business pricing and models, as well as on the seller services and the customer ancillary services.

Amazon or eBay to Sell Radio and Amplifier– Business Pricing and Models
On eBay, the products being displayed on its website are for the auction. The role of the website is to become the facilitator on the product sales between the sellers and customers. The judi online customers will search for the products that they want by visiting the individual sellers and do bidding on the product throughout the individual actions.

By implementing the auction model, eBay manages the wholesale strategy in the price. Instead of waiting for the auction period to complete, most customers don’t mind to pay for higher price to win the auction and end the period of the auction. Some products on eBay are also given the option of “buy it now” where the customers can purchase the products as soon as possible.

Amazon or eBay to Sell Radio and AmplifierWhile Amazon, it is a direct sellers of products. The customers visit the website and then vie the products being sold by the website. Amazon is the main seller of the products and it manages its inventory under the large network of its warehouses. However, individual sellers are also being given the opportunity to sell their products, but the majority of the products are in-house.

This website implements the fixed prices of the products as it is considered as a retail online shop. Although various sellers have the same products and are listed under the same category, the customers don’t need to bid to win the products before buying them.

So, if you want to sell radio and amplifier online, which one will you choose? Good luck in deciding which online website to choose. Buy, probably you want to use both of them?

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