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  Alpha 8410 Manual Tune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier


Our Top of the line, Manual Tune Amplifier –

The Alpha 8410

Our long line of manual tune amplifiers demonstrates a 40-year commitment to building the best amplifiers in the world.  The Alpha 8410 continues that commitment as the rugged, forgiving, manual tune amplifier today. 

Key Features:

  • Twin 4CX1500B Tetrodes in parallel for a maximum plate dissipation of 3KW.
  • Operates on all Amateur Radio Bands – 160M thru 10M
  • Comfortably delivers Full Legal Limit on All bands and in All modes
  • Uses our custom designed, time proven 3.5KVA transformer.
  • No Duty Cycle Limitation – 100% Carrier, Key Down
  • Rugged Construction – Built to Last

It’s the Ultimate Manual Tune Amplifier.

If you’re a contester, you have a favorite band you operate on, or you like the flexibility that comes with a powerful, manual tune amplifier, the Alpha 8410 amplifier is the one for you. 

Built Rock Solid, from the Chassis Up

Just like our flagship 9500, we start with a .080”, 5052 grade, iridite yellow chromate coated, aluminum chassis that resists both flex and corrosion.  To it, we bolt the front panel assembly and a center partition, building a solid I-beam structure that just doesn’t move. 

Add our custom made, time proven, Transformer that weighs a massive 35 Lbs and is capable of delivering 3,500VA of power to the plate of the Alpha 8410 tubes. Input Power (mains) taps are easily selected for 100, 120, 200, 220, 240 VAC, and the transformer was designed to operate at 50Hz or 60Hz.

Alpha 8410 Amplifier

Big Robust RF Deck and Tank Pi-L Network

The Alpha 8410 utilizes an enhanced version of the RF deck found in the Alpha 99, but instead of the 2 x 4CX800’s that have been increasingly difficult to find, our engineers chose Two reasonably priced 4CX1500Bs.  These tubes are delivered to our distributor in massive quantity and have been chosen for applications world wide, which should guarantee a reasonably priced supply of these tubes for years to come.

A big, easy to grab knob is coupled to a hand balanced, heavy duty, four gang, commercially rated, ceramic switch assembly, so smooth, easy operation is guaranteed.  The wafers are connected to the famous, heavy duty, silver plated, hand made, Alpha Pi-L matching network; the Alpha 8410 will operate into up to a 3:1 SWR without the need for an external antenna tuner. Add the carefully chosen, massive, Tune and Load capacitors – both conservatively rated so they will give years of smooth performance, and you’ve got what it takes to switch bands, tune and load this amplifier easily and accurately.

Alt Text

On the 8410’s control board you’ll find a microprocessor that allows us to normalize amplification performance, calibrate the power and gain metering for each specific band, and increase reliability and durability. All of these functions aggregate into a single greater benefit for the user, ease of tuning. The 8410 comes standard with a USB port for remote monitoring and performance data logging.

Simple Installation

Besides the power (Mains) connection, there are only two required inputs to the Alpha 8410 - the amp key line from the radio (KEY IN), and the RF IN.  All RF connectors on the Alpha 8410 are standard SO-239.

No need for ALC input like lesser amplifiers.  The micro computing platform assures you don’t damage the tubes by overdriving them.  Two Separate input match circuits (Tuned for 1.8 - 21 MHz and another for 24 - 29 Mhz) guarantees a proper match with any standard 50 ohm output from your transceiver.

Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

This amplifier is as rugged and reliable as anything we've created.  We buy the best components available for the Alpha 8410. Our stringent selection of even the simplest components demonstrates the commitment that we have to deliver the best, most reliable amplifier in the world. 

The Alpha 8410 is finely handcrafted and is designed and built in Longmont, Colorado, USA, comes with an industry leading 4-year warranty on the amplifier, and 1-year warranty on the tubes, and is supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  We build them by hand, tune them by hand, and burn them in overnight at full power so we know that when you get your Alpha 8410, you'll have an amplifier that is the most rugged, best built in the world. It's shipped double boxed, with the transformer packed separately so there's little chance of anything happening to it on its way from the factory to its new operating position in your shack.  



Frequency coverage: All amateur frequencies from 1.8-29.7 MHz

Power output: 1500 Watts minimum on all served bands

3rd Order IM: <-30 dBc

SWR tolerance: 3:1

Drive power: 50 to 55 Watts nominal for full power out

Tube: Two 4CX1500B high performance power tetrodes with a combined plate dissipation of 3000 watts provides key down performance on all frequency bands, all modes, and all duty cycles. 

Cooling: Forced air

RF Input connector: comes with a standard SO-239 connector, but we can install "N" Type connectors if you specify at time of order.

RF/Antenna output: comes with a standard SO-239 connector, but we can install "N" Type connectors if you specify at time of order.

Calibrated Wattmeter: The Bruene type wattmeter accurately simultaneously measures both forward and reverse power and displays this information on the easy to read bar graph meters on the front panel.  It also uses the information to simultaneously monitor the gain of the amplifier.

Protection Mechanisms: HV Interlock and Power Interlock.

Tuning/Band switching: Manual

Power: 100,120,200,220,240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, manual selection. At 240 VAC, requires 10 Amps per leg, for a total of 20 Amps.  Note: Although the amplifier will operate at 100VAC, the Mains will have to be able to deliver upwards of 35 amps.

Interface: USB. Full remote control capability.  

Protection: Protected against all common faults (Reflected Pwr, excess Plate Current, Low Gain).

Display: Bar graphs display RF Output Pwr, Reflected Pwr, and Plate Current, Plate Voltage, or Gain - all simultaneously.  

T/R switching: Two high-speed relays enabling QSK (full break-in) at QRO (full power).

Bypass capability: 500 Watts.

Shipping Weight: 76 Lbs

Product Size:  17.5"w x 7.5"h x 19.75"d

Standard Shipping Packaging: We ship this the amplifier in a double box, and the  transformer in a separate box.  

Alpha 8410 Tubedeck

Alpha 8410 Pair of 4CX1500B Tubes

Alpha 8410 Rear View

Price: $4,995.00
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