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Alpha 8100 Parts and Info
BLX-X116_100x100.jpg Fan Kit, 115V External Muffin, 50/60Hz, 71 CFM
External Muffin Fan, 115V 50/60Hz, 71 CFM, Part Number BLX-X116. Prewired with lug connectors and mounting hardware (for Alpha 8410 serial number 0391 and higher, see detailed description for other amp models)
Price: $95.00
SWX-X111_100x100.jpg Switch, Bandswitch, Ceramic Wafer, 8410, 9500, 87A, 89, 99, 8100

Bandswitch wafer for current production Alpha amplifiers.
Part Number SWX-X111. This wafer is NOT for 76A-series or 78 amplifiers, the fingers are cut in a different pattern.

Price: $95.00
SKX-X103_100x100.jpg Knob, Bandswitch
Bandswitch Knob for Alpha 76, 76A,
78, 374A, 91B, 99, 8100, 8410,
Part Number SKX-X103
Price: $15.00
AHX-X524_100x100.jpg Capacitor, Ceramic, 160m padding assembly, 5 x 75pF 18kV
160m Padding Capacitor Assembly, 5 x 75pf 18kV
Part Number AHX-X524
Price: $55.00
SKX-X102_100x100.jpg Knob, Tune and Load
Tune and Load Knob for Alpha 76,
76A, 78, 374A, 91B, 99, 8100, 8410,
Part Number SKX-X102
Price: $12.00
CDX-7503-B_100x100.jpg Capacitor, Ceramic, 75pF 18kV
Ceramic padding capacitor 75pF 18kV. Part number CDX-7503-B.
This capacitor has a higher voltage rating than original
ORANCE color parts in some Alpha amplifiers.
Price: $7.50
DRX-X104_100x100.jpg Diode, Schottky, 1N5711, 70V 15mA
Schottky Diode 1N5711, used in amplifier wattmeters, Part number DRX-X104
70V 15mA, Forward Voltage Drop: 0.41V at 1mA
Price: $2.50
Chimney100x100.jpg Chimney, 4CX800 (GU74B)
High temperature silicone rubber chimney for 4CX800 (GU74B) tubes,
4.25 inches High (fits Alpha 99, 91B and 8100). Part number APP-X217.
Price: $20.00
Amplifier Case Screw Kit
Cover screw kit for Alpha 89, Alpha 87A, Alpha 91B, Alpha 99,
Alpha 8100, Alpha 8410 (8406) and Alpha 9500.
Part Number HSA-X001-K  (21 screws).

Note: Contact Alpha if ordering for original 87A cover with 31 screws.
Price: $5.00
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