Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

If you are looking for valid websites that sell radio and amplifier, you can try visiting Here, you will find various kinds of ham amateur radio amplifiers that you can buy for reasonable prices.

– Kinds of Radio and Amplifier Based on Brand
If you open the judi bola website, you will see that you can find the various kind of ham amateur radio amplifiers. From brands like Alinco, Ameritron, Collins, Dentron, Drake, Eimac, Fatboy, and so on. If you happen to search the radio amplifiers with Alinco brand, you can find 2 meter linera amp ELH 230g. This amp is sold for about IDR1,470,588. This price is for used amp ELH.

Ameritron AL-84 Linear AmplifierOne more amp with Alinco brand is Radio frequency detector or power detection. It is also known as RMS detector. The device is being shipped from China and is considered as best seller. The price for this RMS detector is IDR 344,705. It is the price for new product.
For Ameritron brand, there are more than 17 items sold by eBay international sellers. The best product of amplifier from Ameritron is Ameritron AL-84 Linear Amplifier. This is a used item but is still in good condition. Price is included the shipping. The total price of this linear amplifier is IDR 7,279,411.

Then, another linear amp amplifier ham from Ameritron is Ameritron Al-1500 Peter Dahl Transformer Eimac 8877 HF. This is considered as brute powerhouse. It is also used item but also still in good condition. The price is IDR 29,411,617 including the shipping.

You can find another types or brands of amplifiers from the website. The condition of the products is also being described, whether they are new or used. If they are used, usually they are still in good condition.

Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

– Shop by Maximum Output Power
The categories to choose proper radio amplifiers for you can be determined from their output powers. Here, on the website, the amplifiers are categorized into several items, that is, the amplifiers with the maximum output power less than 50 W, between 50 – 149 W, between 150 – 299 W, even more than 1000 W.

You can find which output power that you need. For example: if you are looking for amplifiers with the output power more than 1000 W, you can see that the top rated product is 1.2 KW LDMOS power amplifier 1.8-5.4MHz HF for BLF188XR.

So, if you are looking for radio and amplifier, you can visit eBay as one of the online shop which sell radio and amplifier. This website is also valid and trustworthy.

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