Worst Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Worst Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

It is necessary to sell radio and amplifier you have when you need newer gear or simply just need money. Lots of people think that selling them in any place will give them legit money, but in fact, it is not. If you want to get good money, you need to avoid these places.

Ebay is the best place for you when you want to buy a radio and amplifier, but not the best place for selling them. The first reason why it is not the best place for sellers is that you need to pay the seller fees to Ebay. The seller fees are pretty much choking and you will not get the profit. The seller fees in Ebay is 10% of the selling fees of the product, including packaging and postage.

Take, for example, you sold the https://citipoker88.net radio and amplifier for $100, then you will be charged for $10. Since you need to pay for the seller fees, you will also need to increase the products price. It will, of course, affect the buyers’ interest and if it is too expensive, you will end up not selling anything. Lots of sellers have been devastated by this policy and decide to leave Ebay forever to sell their radio and amplifier.

Used Instrument Stores
Used instrument stores, such as Music Go Round, Guitar Center, and others, are the second-worst place to sell your radio and amplifiers. For those who want to buy from those stores are helped since the prices are pretty low, but not for sellers. Since the prices are pretty low for the buyers, the stores need to buy the gear from the seller at even lower prices.

Those stores are the best for those who need money in a short time, but they are not willing to pay more than a half price of your gear.
Sometimes they will buy the gear at the lower price as possible, and end up selling them at overly high price. Of course, they want to make a bigger profit, but they do not consider giving a decent price for you. Other than the prices, the customer services of those stores have pretty bad attitudes that make both buyer and seller hate having business with them.

When you want to sell radio and amplifier, you surely need to avoid Ebay and Used Instrument Stores. Not only because used instrument stores give you little money in exchange, will you also need to pay a lot for selling on Ebay.

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