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Announcing the merger of Longmont, Colorado -based RF Concepts LLC / Alpha Amplifiers and Sevierville, Tenn.-based TEN-TEC Inc., RF Concepts Chairman Michael Seedman, AA6DY, declared the union the perfect combination of amateur radio brands. The merger creates a multi-million-dollar company with products that span QRP transceivers to full-legal-limit amplifiers and establishes an organization with the size and scale to continue to innovate into the next decade and beyond. 

As we spend the next couple of months integrating the two companies, Ken Long is overseeing the Alpha line of products, and Jim Wharton is watching over the TEN-TEC products. Both the Alpha and TEN-TEC websites are up and operational, and will be until we can put them togehter under the RF Concepts banner.

You can still call the Alpha group at 303-473-9232, and theTEN-TEC group at 865-453-7172.

Exciting things are on their way from RF Concepts!



Read the Press Release for the Merger between Alpha Amplifiers and TEN-TEC HERE  


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We always have a company update by the president, Ken Long, N0QO, a sales deal or two and a technical article by our senior engineer, Gordon Hardman, W0RUN.
Solar cycle 24 is alive and well. Gordon has written about it in the Newsletter (archive below). We found a great site by Paul Herrman, N0NBH. Check it out HERE.


  The Story of our Brick and Key. To us, it means more than just key down reliability. It means building equipment for the Amateur and Commercial markets that is...
Jeff, K1NSS and Alpha produce some Ham Cartoons together. Funny, funny stuff. We've got more planned, so check it out. Jeff did the new rendition of the "CLICK" ad. A favorite of ours.   Al, KØCN produces a bunch of two minute videos showing the operation of the Alpha 9500, and now the Six Meter Amp, the 8406.

Looking for a preowned linear amplifier?

We post preowned, factory demo, and even an occasional amp we purchased to test.

  Our Entire Newsletter Archive is posted online for your reading pleasure
Firmware and Software downloads. The latest firmware and software downloads for Legacy and present production products are listed here.   Always Free Hats for posting a review on Just fill out a contact form HERE, tell us that you've posted a comment on your Alpha product, and receive a free hat with your call sign embroidered on the back.
50/25/25 - Get your new Alpha Amp with 50% down and two 25% payments, 30 days apart!   4040 Update - Here's a link to the recent newsletter we sent with an update on the 4040 DreamTuner.

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Yes! Alpha Amplifiers

Pop over there and post something about your Alpha Equipment. Every month we'll be giving away a really nice gift to our favorite post!

  Actual quotes from our customers - not like the one in the box that is, well, slightly biased.

But, if YOU'D like to get your quote posted, drop us a note using our CONTACT US form.

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