The merging have been created a multi-million-dollar companies with a Brand that can span QRP transceivers to full-legal-limit amplifiers and have establishes an organization with the size and scale to continue to innovate into the next decade and beyond. 

As we spend the next couple of months integrating the two companies, Ken Long is overseeing the Alpha line of products, and Jim Wharton is watching over the TEN-TEC products. Both the ALpha and the judi online websites also are up and operational, and will be until we can put them togehter under the RF Concepts banner.

You can still call the Alpha group at 303-473-9232, and theTEN-TEC group at 865-453-7172.

Exciting things are on their way from RF Concepts!



Worst Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Worst Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

It is necessary to sell radio and amplifier you have when you need newer gear or simply just need money. Lots of people think that selling them in any place will give them legit money, but in fact, it is not. If you want to get good money, you need to avoid these places.

Ebay is the best place for you when you want to buy a radio and amplifier, but not the best place for selling them. The first reason why it is not the best place for sellers is that you need to pay the seller fees to Ebay. The seller fees are pretty much choking and you will not get the profit. The seller fees in Ebay is 10% of the selling fees of the product, including packaging and postage.

Take, for example, you sold the radio and amplifier for $100, then you will be charged for $10. Since you need to pay for the seller fees, you will also need to increase the products price. It will, of course, affect the buyers’ interest and if it is too expensive, you will end up not selling anything. Lots of sellers have been devastated by this policy and decide to leave Ebay forever to sell their radio and amplifier.

Used Instrument Stores
Used instrument stores, such as Music Go Round, Guitar Center, and others, are the second-worst place to sell your radio and amplifiers. For those who want to buy from those stores are helped since the prices are pretty low, but not for sellers. Since the prices are pretty low for the buyers, the stores need to buy the gear from the seller at even lower prices.

Those stores are the best for those who need money in a short time, but they are not willing to pay more than a half price of your gear.
Sometimes they will buy the gear at the lower price as possible, and end up selling them at overly high price. Of course, they want to make a bigger profit, but they do not consider giving a decent price for you. Other than the prices, the customer services of those stores have pretty bad attitudes that make both buyer and seller hate having business with them.

When you want to sell radio and amplifier, you surely need to avoid Ebay and Used Instrument Stores. Not only because used instrument stores give you little money in exchange, will you also need to pay a lot for selling on Ebay.

Tips You Should Follow When Purchasing Table Radio

Tips You Should Follow When Purchasing Table Radio

We believe that everyone loves listening to music, right? Table radio is one of the best media players to listen to our favorite songs either from radio stations of MP3 player and smartphones. Picking the best table radio can be intimidating sometimes, you may need some tips and tricks to find the best one without wasting your time too much. Fortunately, this article will help you pick the perfect table radio based on your need. So, let’s jump right in!

First of all, you should choose whether you pick digital or analog. As the information, some table radios still use an old-fashioned analog tuning. According to reviewers, analog tuning is more flexible that enables you to dial in a hard-to-capture radio station than a digital tuner. Although digital tuner sounds complicated, it also comes with some perks in order to give great convenience.

Analog Radio

Digital tuner allows you to click a button to capture station, once you get the station, the digital tuner will stay there unlike the analog tuner, you can also easily recall your favorite channels in presets. If you love that perks, the digital tuner is perfect for you while visiting for gambling. In addition, If you love working mobile, compatibility really means for you. For example, if you want to have a table radio which enables to connect to your phones and music players, make sure that the radio is compatible. Today, there are many table radios offer auxiliary audio inputs.

Additionally, radio size should be perfect. In this case, table radio can be surprisingly large that will take too much space. When shopping, please consider the available space in mind and the radio’s footprint size. Last, we often make a mistake, right? In case, the warranty is really a great deal for you. When your radio broke unconditionally, you can make a return or ask for a separation because the radio has store warranty.

Why You Should Sell Radio and Amplifier You Have

Why You Should Sell Radio and Amplifier You Have

Selling the stuff you own is not always a great thing, especially when you are pretty attached to it. But it is not the same with old radio and amplifier you have. At a certain point, you need to sell radio and amplifier you have.

– Old is not always Gold
Have you ever heard a saying, like old but gold? Apparently, when it comes to the electronic stuff, including radio and amplifier, this saying is not always suitable. It is true that old stuff will be the antique stuff with high prices, but if it is not good enough, it will not sell at all. In the most cases, the electronic stuff will decrease its value and it will not suitable for the new era. The latest electronic products come with the greater features compared to the old one and sometimes it is the better version to own. Before the prices go down, you need to sell the radio or amplifier right away.

– Great to Start Making Money
Selling used stuff, like radio and amplifier, will give you a head start to make good money. Especially when you are in need of money, it can be the best solution. If the radio or amplifier you own is pretty rare and has a good quality, you can get lots of money by selling it. Not only getting the money for your future or to buy other things you need, but you will also get a chance to buy the newer radio and amplifier with better features to keep up with your judi poker hobby.

Why You Should Sell Radio and Amplifier You Have– Clear the Junk
The most obvious reason on why you should sell your radio or amplifier is to clear the junk. Some people prefer the old looking things for decorating their house, but maintaining the old radio or amplifier will not benefit your life. It will take a space on your room corner and if it is not in good condition, you are likely to pile up the junk. At a certain point when you need to move out, you need to pack your things and keeping those old stuffs will give you more burden.

To sell radio and amplifier you once have, sometimes, is not easy but it will give you lots of benefits. Not only giving you good money to buy the newer one, you can also clear the space of your home and eliminate the junk.

How Scam Companies SellRadio And Amplifier

How Scam Companies SellRadio And Amplifier

Nowadays the costumers should be careful when they buy any product. Particularly, those companies thatsell radio and amplifier forcheap price.Instead of saving some money, the costumers might just loosefair amount of money for shabby items. Let’s take a closer look on the operation and tricks.

The White Van Scam– The White Van Scam
This is the term used by public to describe the scam selling system. The con acts started back in 1980s.Newspaper and magazine have warned the customers about such conditions. However, the con artists are still operating, upgrading their masks to fool the potential buyers.
Among all items, the products that often sold using the White Van Scam is electronic products.The smart cons sellradioandamplifier with high price tags in the market.Then they go door to door and offer half price electronics to the costumers.

– In short, the cons will somehow convince the people that they get very good product for low price. Of course, some costumers are suspicious of the offer. The cons then explain that the products failed the quality control.”The internal systemworks just fine, just like the item sold in the shops.” This is the typicalargument delivered by the cons. Unfortunately, many costumers are tempted to buy the products after listening to the explanation.

– How The Cons Stock Their Logistics
There is no way a good quality product could hit50% off the price.For old products, the agen sbobet company simply stops the production and offer the upgrade version. However, the price of the old products stay the same. After that, theproducts will be sent back to the companies or stored in the storage room.

How Scam Companies SellRadio And AmplifierThen how the cons get their “claimed”high quality items? It is no other than the third grade replication of the products. If the cons offer $200 for the item, then the maximum price of the product is just around $40.These goods then shipped to several small local warehouse. The salesmen then receive the package and go out to hunt potential buyers.

It is quite difficult to tell whether the salesmen is a con. Sometimes, they create fake website and applySEO optimization machine. Therefore, the best way is refusing the tempting offer and buy from trusted suppliers instead.

Among all the house supplies,the one with the highest price is audio system. Installing one at home will surely upgrade the sound quality for movie night. Buy the worthy item and avoid those cheap salesmen whosellradioandamplifier using scamming tricks. Happy shopping!

Amazon or eBay: to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Amazon or eBay: to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Have you heard about the famous online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay? Yes, these two websites are known for their services to provide place for the sellers to promote their products online. If you want to promote your products, like to sell radio and amplifier, which website will you choose? Lets see!

– The Similarity
In general, both websites are the online platforms for the sellers to promote their products and for the customers to buy the products comfortably from their homes. eBay and Amazon are considered as major and longstanding players on the marketplace. Both websites provide the services to display the products for sale or for auction.
However, although they are the same players on the marketplace, they share some differences. They are varied in terms of the business pricing and models, as well as on the seller services and the customer ancillary services.

Amazon or eBay to Sell Radio and Amplifier– Business Pricing and Models
On eBay, the products being displayed on its website are for the auction. The role of the website is to become the facilitator on the product sales between the sellers and customers. The judi online customers will search for the products that they want by visiting the individual sellers and do bidding on the product throughout the individual actions.

By implementing the auction model, eBay manages the wholesale strategy in the price. Instead of waiting for the auction period to complete, most customers don’t mind to pay for higher price to win the auction and end the period of the auction. Some products on eBay are also given the option of “buy it now” where the customers can purchase the products as soon as possible.

Amazon or eBay to Sell Radio and AmplifierWhile Amazon, it is a direct sellers of products. The customers visit the website and then vie the products being sold by the website. Amazon is the main seller of the products and it manages its inventory under the large network of its warehouses. However, individual sellers are also being given the opportunity to sell their products, but the majority of the products are in-house.

This website implements the fixed prices of the products as it is considered as a retail online shop. Although various sellers have the same products and are listed under the same category, the customers don’t need to bid to win the products before buying them.

So, if you want to sell radio and amplifier online, which one will you choose? Good luck in deciding which online website to choose. Buy, probably you want to use both of them?

Amazon: A Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Amazon: A Place to Sell Radio and Amplifier

If you are looking for a place to sell radio and amplifier, you can make use of the online shopping website like Amazon. If being considered from its popularity, most people have known this website well. So, if you want to sell something, you can make use of this online website as many people in the world are using it to sell and buy something.

– Radio Sold in Amazon
You can find the electronic products to be promoted on the website are mainly about the spare parts of the CB Radio, like amplifier. How to find it? Go to the electronics, and then choose portable audio and video. After that, choose CB and two ways radios, you will find the products being sold under the category of two-way radios.

Have you tried it? On the category of two-way radios, you can find one type of radio called HYS TC-300N HF Transceiver HF Power Amplifier for Handheld Amateur CB Radio. Below the title of the product, you can add the information about the product. Here, it is mentioned that the best effect Frequency range of HP Amplifier is 20 – 30MHz. It works best on 10 meter, 12 meter and 15 meter.

HYS TC-300N HF– Product Details
If your product has been bought by the customers, you can get the scores and review from them. The score is shown by the numbers of stars. The maximum numbers of stars are five per product. So, the higher the stars, the better the product quality. Next to the star, you can see the review from the customers.

You can also find the questions from the customers. If you have uploaded the amplifiers to be sold, you will get the notification if someone is commenting on your product. Mostly, the customers will ask the details about the product. It is better to answer the questions as soon as you can. The response from the sellers to answers the questions also influences the numbers of stars.

Why is it important to manage the stars? The agen bola customers who want to buy something from this website usually prefer to buy the products with more stars on it. The main reason is that because the review is favorable and also the quality of the product is also good.

So, are you interested in selling your amplifiers on Amazon? If yes, you can find more information about how to upload the product. What details that you need to include and so on. You can make use of this online website to sell radio and amplifier faster and safer.

Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

If you are looking for valid websites that sell radio and amplifier, you can try visiting Here, you will find various kinds of ham amateur radio amplifiers that you can buy for reasonable prices.

– Kinds of Radio and Amplifier Based on Brand
If you open the judi bola website, you will see that you can find the various kind of ham amateur radio amplifiers. From brands like Alinco, Ameritron, Collins, Dentron, Drake, Eimac, Fatboy, and so on. If you happen to search the radio amplifiers with Alinco brand, you can find 2 meter linera amp ELH 230g. This amp is sold for about IDR1,470,588. This price is for used amp ELH.

Ameritron AL-84 Linear AmplifierOne more amp with Alinco brand is Radio frequency detector or power detection. It is also known as RMS detector. The device is being shipped from China and is considered as best seller. The price for this RMS detector is IDR 344,705. It is the price for new product.
For Ameritron brand, there are more than 17 items sold by eBay international sellers. The best product of amplifier from Ameritron is Ameritron AL-84 Linear Amplifier. This is a used item but is still in good condition. Price is included the shipping. The total price of this linear amplifier is IDR 7,279,411.

Then, another linear amp amplifier ham from Ameritron is Ameritron Al-1500 Peter Dahl Transformer Eimac 8877 HF. This is considered as brute powerhouse. It is also used item but also still in good condition. The price is IDR 29,411,617 including the shipping.

You can find another types or brands of amplifiers from the website. The condition of the products is also being described, whether they are new or used. If they are used, usually they are still in good condition.

Valid Websites That Sell Radio and Amplifier

– Shop by Maximum Output Power
The categories to choose proper radio amplifiers for you can be determined from their output powers. Here, on the website, the amplifiers are categorized into several items, that is, the amplifiers with the maximum output power less than 50 W, between 50 – 149 W, between 150 – 299 W, even more than 1000 W.

You can find which output power that you need. For example: if you are looking for amplifiers with the output power more than 1000 W, you can see that the top rated product is 1.2 KW LDMOS power amplifier 1.8-5.4MHz HF for BLF188XR.

So, if you are looking for radio and amplifier, you can visit eBay as one of the online shop which sell radio and amplifier. This website is also valid and trustworthy.

eBay – Reliable Online Website to Sell Radio and Amplifier

eBay – Reliable Online Website to Sell Radio and Amplifier

Do you know about eBay? Yes, it is an online website which deals with selling and buying. The products being sold on this website are also varied. If you happen to look for a place to sell radio and amplifier, you can try using this website to promote your products.

– The Advantage of Selling the Products on eBay
If you want to sell your products, especially the radio amplifiers, this online shop is the best place for you to do so. This agen bola terpercaya website is being well managed and all products are being stored well alphabetically.

So, for radio and amplifiers, the products are under the category of ham radio amplifiers, or ham amateur radio, or consumer electronics. First, go to consumer electronics, and then choose ham amateur radio, and go to ham radio amplifiers.

Under the category of ham radio amplifiers, the specifications are also being determined. You can put your products based on the supported models, band, brand, amplifier class, maximum output power, custom bundle, condition, price, buying format, item location, delivery options show only and also seller.

eBay - Reliable Online Website to Sell Radio and Amplifier


– System of Selling
In this online website, the products being advertised are sold through some kind of auction. The sellers will usually determine the period of the auction. He/she will put the lower price on the website, and during the auction period, buyers will try to buy the product by betting the price. The winner of the action is the buyer with the highest price at the end of the auction period.

To determine the trustworthy sellers, you can see the category of the sellers whether they are top rated sellers or not. The top rated sellers are in general having 100% positive feedback from the buyers.
To guarantee the money from the buyers, this website is only using one kind of payment, that is, PayPal, visa, master card, American express, and discover. However, the recommended one is PayPal as it is easier, faster, and safer.

eBay - Reliable Online Website to Sell Radio and AmplifierThe guarantee of the products after being paid and then delivered, is being provided by eBay. The buyers can get their items to be ordered or they can also get their money back. The total price of the products is already including the shipping price.

As many people all around the world are using this online store, maybe you can start using this website to sell your products. You can even sell radio and amplifier online.

Where to Sell Radio and Amplifier?

Where to Sell Radio and Amplifier?

Whether you are an electronic businessman or just a person who wants to sell radio and amplifier, you can use the online shopping website like Amazon to promote your products. This online website has provided the service America, Japan and many more countries. So, if you promote your products on this website, people from all around the world will see it and it is a high chance for your product to be bought easier and faster.

HYS TC-300N HF – Compare the Items
What best about selling the products on Amazon is that your product will be compared to other similar items. It means the products which are under the same category and have the same function as your product. So, if you want your amplifier to be bought by the customers, you need to see the description of other products similar to yours.

Why? Because you need to compare the price. If you sell the amplifier more expensive than other products with the same category and description, probably people will prefer the cheaper ones. But, it all depends on how you advertise your product.

Where to Sell Radio and Amplifier– The Details
On Amazon, the price is always in US Dollar. Whether you sell the radio or amplifiers from other countries than America, you need to use its currency. Everyone has the chance to sell their products on Amazon and compete with other people.

If you want to sell the radio and amplifier through this online website, you need to include some information about its packaging dimension, its weight, its shipping weight, its ASIN, its item model number. Then, the website will also add the information about the review from the customers as well as the stars.

The warranty and support will also be provided. If the customers have some feedback on the products, they can also give it through the seller support.

– The shipping information will also be given on your products. If the products can’t be shipped to some countries, the information will be given. For example: for the amplifier named HYS TC-300N HF Transceiver HF Power, this product is not being shipped to Indonesia. if the customers from Indonesia wants to purchase this product, they have to look for another sellers who provide the shipping to their country.

Do you want to use Amazon to sell radio and amplifier? Before trying to sell your product on the website, you can see other products being promoted here. You can learn how to upload, promote and advertise your product to be able to compete with other sellers from around the world.